Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student for Mac

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The new generation of the powerful productivity suite from Microsoft, for your Mac. Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more! No subscription required.

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Boost your Productivity with Microsoft Office 2021

Are you tired of using outdated software that slows you down? Say goodbye to those frustrations with Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student for Mac. With its intuitive interface and powerful tools, you'll be able to tackle any task with ease. Create stunning presentations with PowerPoint, organize your data with Excel, and write compelling essays with Word. Plus, with the added convenience of the cloud, you can access your files from anywhere, whether you're at home or on the go.

Save Time and Simplify Your Life

Do you have a busy schedule that doesn't allow for wasted time? Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student for Mac is here to help. With its time-saving features, you can streamline your work and simplify your life. From the easy-to-use templates in Word to the pre-built formulas in Excel, you'll be able to accomplish your tasks in record time. Plus, with the ability to share your files with others, collaboration has never been easier.

Invest in Your Future with Microsoft Office 2021 for Mac

Are you a student looking to gain an edge in your studies? Or perhaps you're a professional looking to improve your skills? Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student for Mac is the perfect investment for your future. With its comprehensive suite of applications, you'll be able to create stunning visuals, analyze complex data, and communicate your ideas with clarity. And with regular updates and support from Microsoft, you can be sure that you'll always be using the latest and greatest tools.

What is Microsoft Office 2021?

Office 2021 is the latest version of Microsoft's famous productivity software suite. The program offers a variety of applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as a wide variety of other applications for your PC. Microsoft Office remains the strongest productivity software product available with its new update, more features, and easier-to-use interface.

What's in Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student for Mac?

With Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student for Mac, you get access to the essential software suite that empowers you to create and communicate your ideas with ease. Here's what you get:

  • Word 2021 for Mac – Whether you're writing a school paper, a resume, or a novel, Word 2021 for Mac provides all the tools you need to create and edit documents like a pro. With real-time collaboration, you can work together with others to create the perfect document, while templates and built-in tools make it easy to get started.
  • Excel 2021 for Mac – Analyze and visualize your data with ease using Excel 2021 for Mac. With powerful features like pivot tables, charts, and graphs, you can turn raw data into meaningful insights that inform your decisions.
  • PowerPoint 2021 for Mac – Wow your audience with stunning presentations that showcase your ideas like never before. With PowerPoint 2021 for Mac, you can use built-in templates, animations, and images to make your presentation stand out.
  • OneNote 2021 for Mac – Keep all your notes in one place with OneNote 2021 for Mac. Gather your thoughts, ideas, web pages, photos, and audio notes in one convenient location. And with the ability to sync your notes to the cloud, you can access them from anywhere, on any device.

If you're looking for a reliable and efficient productivity suite to enhance all of your school or home office experiences, be sure to check out Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student for Mac. With its new features and capabilities, it's sure to make working smarter easier than ever before.

Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student Key Benefits

Investing in Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student for Mac means investing in your productivity and creativity. Here are the key benefits of this powerful software suite:

  • Perpetual License – With a perpetual license, you own Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student for Mac, and you can use it for as long as you like without any subscription fees. This means you can enjoy the benefits of the software suite without worrying about additional costs.
  • Professional Design Elements – Make your work stand out with professional design elements like themes, images, icons, and more. With Office 2021 for Mac, you can create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that look polished and professional, even if you're not a design expert.
  • Accessibility and Learning Tools – Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student for Mac includes a range of accessibility and learning tools that make it easy to work efficiently without any roadblocks. With features like dictation, read-aloud, and voice commands, you can work smarter, not harder.
  • Cloud Syncing – Access your files from anywhere with cloud syncing. With Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student for Mac, you can save your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to the cloud and access them from any device, at any time. This means you can work on the go without worrying about losing your work.
  • Security Updates – Keep your work safe and secure with the latest security updates. With Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student for Mac, you can rest assured that your data is protected from potential security threats. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your work is secure.

Looking for the Windows version? Click here and get the most out of your productivity suite and unlock the potential with Office 2021 Home & Student PC.

Microsoft Office 2021 FAQ

Does Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student include Outlook?

No, Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student does not include Outlook. It includes the macOS version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You need to purchase a separate version to get Outlook and other applications.

What version of macOS do I need for Microsoft Office 2021?

Microsoft Office 2021 runs on the three most recent versions of macOS. If your system is older than that, you’ll need to upgrade your device or purchase an older version of Office, like Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac.

Is there a PC version of Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student?

Yes, there is a PC version of Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student. It includes the same applications as the Mac version, with minor feature differences.

How many devices can I install Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student on?

You can install Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student on one PC or Mac.

Can I use Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student offline?

Yes, you can use Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student offline once you have installed the software and activated it with your product key.

What is the difference between Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student and Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student is a perpetual license for one device and includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based service that includes the same applications as well as other features like OneDrive cloud storage, Outlook, and additional functionality.

More Information
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MPN 79G-05343
Operating System Mac
Year of Product 2021

Are you a Mac user looking for a powerful and creative way to streamline your work? Look no further than Microsoft Office for Mac 2021 Home & Student! With all of your most important business tools in one sleek and streamlined platform, you'll be able to get your work done efficiently and with ease.

Microsoft Word 2021

Microsoft Word has been a go-to staple for writing reports and documents for many years now. It provides the necessary tools to make sure that your document is as professional and polished as possible. You can choose from a wide selection of built-in templates to create an organized report or customize one of your own. It’s reliable, efficient, and provides users with multiple options when it comes to formatting, creating tables, organizing data, and more.

Microsoft Word for Mac makes writing and polishing up your documents a breeze so that you can feel comfortable submitting them for any class or workplace project:

  • Visual Refresh - Enjoy a modernized Start experience and refreshed tabs in the ribbon with clean, simple monoline iconography.
  • Dark Mode for Word - Reduce eye strain and enhance your document-reading experience by using Dark Mode in Word with a dark canvas.
  • Advanced Page Color Selection - With Immersive Reader, choose page colors to make the text easier to read and reduce eye strain.
  • Natural-Sounding Voices with Read Aloud - Use Read Aloud in Word to proof-listen to your documents or give your eyes a break with improved, more natural-sounding voices.
  • Line Focus for Improved Comprehension - Read a Word document without distractions, adjusting the focus to display one, three, or five lines at a time.
  • Fresh Media Content - Microsoft added more rich media content to the Office Premium Creative Content collection for Mac, allowing you to express yourself.
  • Quick Feature Access - Use "Tell Me" to quickly find text, commands, help, and more in Word.

Microsoft Excel 2021

With Microsoft Excel for Mac, you will have all the necessary tools to visually manage and present data. Whether you need to track financial data and create budgets, analyze marketing trends and customer information, or complete complex calculations, Excel gives you the power to do it with ease.

Excel 2021 sports comprehensive charting capabilities that make it simple to quickly create dynamic visuals that explain your information in an effective and impactful way. And with its focus on comfort, clarity, and collaboration, you are sure to get your point across with accuracy and sophistication.

Excel 2021 offers a range of powerful features to help you work smarter, not harder:

  • Enhanced collaboration with modern comments - Be in control of when to send comments to your co-authors, and work seamlessly with a consistent commenting experience across your workbooks and other Office apps.
  • Streamlined data analysis with XLOOKUP and LET functions - Get to the data you need faster with XLOOKUP and LET functions, which help you find and assign names to calculation results, respectively.
  • Efficient data processing with Dynamic arrays - Accelerate your calculations and insights with six new functions, including FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE, and RANDARRAY.
  • Better performance - Enjoy better performance, stability, and speed across Excel, with faster calculations from common functions like SUMIF, COUNTIF, and AVERAGEIF. 
  • Watch formulas - Keep an eye on your formulas with the Watch Window, which lets you inspect, audit, or confirm formula calculations and results in large worksheets.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2021

Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac is an excellent tool for creating captivating and engaging presentations. With built-in templates and powerful slide creation tools, users can customize their presentation to match the topic and audience.

From simple animations to colorful visuals, you'll have a plethora of options to enhance your presentation and capture the attention of your audience. And the best part is that Microsoft PowerPoint includes helpful tutorials and presentation tips dedicated to helping you master the art of professional speaking.

With this comprehensive presentation application at your disposal, you'll be able to create engaging presentations with ease:

  • Improve presentations with ink replay - Add new life to your presentations with the Replay or Rewind animation to ink, giving your drawings the perfect timing to match your audience's experience.
  • Create animated GIFs with ease - Get creative and share your presentation with others by saving it as an animated GIF. This feature makes it easy to showcase your ideas on social media and other digital platforms.
  • Save pictures and graphics as SVG - Save your graphics and images as SVG with no loss of quality. This feature is perfect for resizing images without compromising their quality.
  • Give your presentations a unique look - Add a hand-drawn style to shapes in your presentations with the Sketched style outline. This feature will give your presentations a fun and casual look.

Find the Perfect Fit With Microsoft Office 2021

Whether you're a student, small business owner, or entrepreneur, there's an Office edition that suits your needs. For students and those looking for a more affordable option, the Home & Student edition provides essential features for school or work, with lifetime access and no monthly or annual fees.

While the Home & Student edition has some limitations, it's a great way to save money without sacrificing the most important features. However, if you need more advanced tools, be sure to check out other editions like Office 2021 Home & Business for Mac.

And for Windows users, we've got you covered too! Check out Microsoft Office 2021 for PC for all the same great Office features, optimized for your device. No matter which edition you choose, Microsoft Office 2021 is the perfect way to stay organized, productive, and efficient in both your personal and professional life.

System Requirements

Here are the minimum system requirements for installing this suite.

We recommend exceeding these in order to guarantee yourself an enjoyable experience with Office 2021 Home & Student for Mac:

  • Processor: Both Intel and M1 chip & M2 chip computers are supported.
  • Memory / RAM: 4 GB or more.
  • Hard disk: A minimum of 10 GB available hard disk space; HFS+ hard disk format.
  • Operating System: macOS 11 or newer. One of the current or past two macOS releases must be installed and used Office 2021 for Mac.
  • Other requirements:
    • Internet functionality requires an internet connection.
    • A Microsoft account may be required.
    • A touch-enabled device is required to use any multitouch functionality.
    • Functionality and graphics of the included applications may vary based on your system.
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