Prepare Yourself: Microsoft Office 2021 is Coming on October 5th

Prepare Yourself: Microsoft Office 2021 is Coming on October 5th

Microsoft Office 2021 is Coming on October 5th


When will Microsoft release Office 2021?  October 5th.


Microsoft Office 2021 will be releasing on October 5th, and we're here to tell you all about it so you know what to prepare for!


It's Microsoft Office, but not as you know it. Microsoft has just announced that Microsoft Office 2021 will be available to download and buy on the 5th of October later this year — and we're here to tell you everything that we know about it so far!


Prepare yourself for a new generation of Microsoft Office: one that is more intuitive, easier to use, and even better than before.


The new Office is more versatile and accessible than ever. It's the ultimate productivity tool for any project you're working on, with updates that make it easier to find what you need quickly without having to go through too many menus or clicking around aimlessly!


The new, 2021-ready version isn't only faster in performance, but also more accessible and flexible with every app interface having been redesigned to fit upcoming Windows 11.


What to expect in Office 2021


There are some really exciting features already revealed to be coming with Office 2021 this year:


  • Improved, neural text to speech voices
  • Line focus for the Immersive Reader
  • Better Dark Mode functionality available in all Office apps
  • New functions in Excel, such as XLOOKUP() and LET()
  • Dynamic array support for Excel


Microsoft has also announced the general availability of Microsoft Office Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) for both Windows and macOS.


The enterprise-focused version is now available to commercial customers, who can enjoy the productivity suite with enhanced security features as well as performance enhancements like increased display resolution on high end devices.


Microsoft's new Office 2021 LTSC will allow business users worldwide more flexibility without worrying about expensive software licensing fees, while still being able to use all of these great programs at no additional costs.


Microsoft Office 2021: Is it a HIT or a Miss [Explained]


Watch our video explaining the new version of Office 2021.


Our take? It's a Hit.



Final thoughts


Microsoft Office is an essential productivity suite that you can’t afford to be without. If you haven’t already, now might be the time to upgrade from a previous version of this product or from another office software altogether!


We’ll have all the information you need about every new feature and the pricing available on October 5th. Visit our site soon for more details! Are you ready for the new generation of Microsoft Office?


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